Experiencing Life
with Gospel Music

Andrae "DJ Argyle" Bradford was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. His parents, Bishop Lester & Janette Bradford raised him and his six siblings in the church. He began singing on the choir at a young age and eventually became a musican ministering on the keyboards and organ. 

His love for gospel music had grown from birth but other genres of music had an impact on his life. As gospel music began to expand with fusions of other genres so did DJ Argyle's understanding of gospel music and its place in the life of a Christian. Instrumental music is amoral. It is the lyrics that make an instrumental become the type of song that it is. 

On November 14, 2015 Andrae "DJ Argyle" Bradford was ordained a Pastor and is the Youth Pastor at Emmanuel Deliverance Cathedral. With a desire to reach the youth of our generation as well as allow Christians to enjoy music that can be a backdrop to every aspect of our lives (not only in a worship and praise setting), DJ Argyle is set to provide you with the best gospel music that is out there. Whether dancing in a party with a live dj or listening to one of his mixtapes in your headphones, the music will speak for itself.

Music that is true to its genre with lyrics that speak to the experiences and lives of a true believer is what you will get when you connect with DJ Argyle.